One man, one dress, one dance

The flamenco artist Manuel Liñan

When Spaniard Manuel Liñan steps onto the stage, he finds the freedom to be himself that he never had as a child. His father had envisioned a life as a bullfighter for him, but Manuel dreamed of dance and the colourful flamenco dresses he secretly wore in his bedroom.

Today, the 42-year-old is part of a group of dancers who, on the one hand, play with the traditional rhythms of flamenco, but at the same time break with all taboos to explore the boundaries of tradition and art.

In impressive images, the film draws an intimate portrait of the queer flamenco dancer on his journey through his own history and accompanies him in his dance exploration of subjectivity and identity. In the process, we observe how Manuel repeatedly reinterprets and revolutionises the principles of traditional flamenco, ultimately transforming them into an ode to freedom in an innovative show.

The film is not only ecstasy, magic and rebellion at the same time, it is also and above all an invitation to question one's own images of roles and gender stereotypes.

Buch / Regie

Roser Corella


SWR, arte

52 Minuten