In the Intoxication of Flowers

They work with dedication, are sustainable, and create their own, often breathtaking aura and opulence: Florists.

What initially sounds somewhat conservative and craft-oriented is a thing of the past. Here, artists are at work, engaging with colors, texture, art history, fashion, and design in diverse ways. They translate all of this into flowers and plants in their works with great passion and imagination.

Flowers are now an integral part of almost every event, not just as an accessory, but carefully curated. Whether it's the Vienna Opera Ball, the latest Dior show, weddings or funerals, art exhibitions, or displays in famous department stores, the World Championship, or the most beautiful castle decorations – florists are the new (Insta)stars of the creative industry, and they are more than just creative: they create their own distinctive universes, have their own signature, and keep up with the times.

The 5-part series, 'IN THE INTOXICATION OF FLOWERS,' takes a journey into the universes of floral and plant splendor with five artistic florists from Europe. Five personalities who are among the best in their field and shape future trends.

Each of them is connected to a very special event or field, either teaching or mastering their craft. In each episode, in addition to a unique highlight, there are deep insights into the history and traditions where flowers have played a significant role since time immemorial. But even here, much has changed. New ideas, creations, and focuses also set new accents for the most important family celebrations. Sustainability, biodiversity, and careful treatment of nature are as much topics today as finding new forms. Each episode also considers references from art history because all the florists featured in the series have explored the significance of flowers in painting in the context of their work. Flowers never go out of style because they are not fashionable but iconic.

Buch / Regie

Nicola Graef, Lena Scheidgen


arte (BR/SWR)

5x25 min.