Eccentric - the art of being different

Who's eccentric today? In a world where everything is possible, every identity allowed or at least debatable, and the mainstream is rather boring?

What does that mean for art in particular? In a field that, since its liberation into modernity, has been able to allow itself to be just that: different from everyone else. The artist can be eccentric as a person or create works that are so bizarre that they cannot be described as anything other than eccentric. Both is possible, but not always necessarily in combination. The film explores the question of the extent to which the term is still viable today in the context of its history. We visit artists whose art seems eccentric, at least in appearance. Anna Uddenberg, Patricia Piccinini, Orlan or Gilbert and George.

Buch / Regie

Nicola Graef


2024, Arte/BR

52 minuten